Ombudsman Daycoval

0800 777 0900

Welcome to the Banco Daycoval Ombudsmanīs department.

The Ombudsmanīs department is a direct, exclusive line between the Bankīs senior management and its clients and users of its products and services. This communication channel was created to guarantee the rights of the consumer and continuously improve client service.

The Ombudsmanīs department is independent and impartial and receives suggestions, positive comments and complaints on issues which have not been resolved through the existing channels and do not meet the expectations and needs of clients and users. All the demands will be forwarded, accompanied and resolved in an objective, free way in confidence and in observance of legal regulations.

The Ombudsmanīs department is available on working day from 9.00 to 18.00. Phone: 0800 777 0900.

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